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A Test Kitchen Provisioner for Salt

The provider works by generating a salt-minion config, creating pillars based on attributes in .kitchen.yml and calling salt-call.

This provisioner is tested with kitchen-docker against CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

Installation and Setup

You’ll need the test-kitchen and kitchen-salt gem’s installed in your system, along with kitchen-vagrant or some other suitable driver for test-kitchen. Please see the Getting Started.

Provisioner Options

More details on all the configuration options are in Provisioner Options


You’ll need a driver box that is supported by the SaltStack bootstrap system.

Continuous Integration and Testing

PR’s and other changes should validated using Github Actions, kitchen-docker, multiple state dependencies, the modified version of kitchen-salt and the latest version of test-kitchen.


# hack. work. test.
git add stuff
git commit -v
gem bump --release --tag